We don’t hear about this on the news like we should. Instead we hear how dogs attack people yet they don’t tell you about good dogs absolutely not doing anything getting shot by cops.


This is a discussion about vaccinations between 2 veterinary doctors.

Our pets are part of our lives. What you might not know is that more dogs get euthanized for behavior problems than diseases or illnesses.

It can be such a simple problem as aggression towards toys or food. Which can be solved simply. Depending on trainers that you might find. Some trainers might tell you to roll your dog over and growl at the dog. That will cause further problems and even an attack on the owner. Training techniques will vary depending on the behavior issue of the dog. There are 3 areas of why the pet can have behavior problems.

1. The dog has never been properly trained and socialized. It’s not the dog’s fault. That can be corrected with training. When dogs play with people, children, and other animals they tend to have better socialization skills and less chance of bite inhibition, fear, and anxiety. They also stay healthier. A happy dog is a healthy dog. Just like people.

2. Nutrition: What is your pet eating? You might have to lower the protein that your giving your pet. Your pet can have allergies to certain foods.

3. Illness and Pain. Dogs tend to get aggressive when they are in pain just like people get cranky except we don’t bite. There can be something going on in your pet that you might not know and if your dog is acting out of sorts it’s good to get your dog checked before it becomes a chronic condition that can be corrected and prevented right away. Pet Foods have a lot to do with illnesses in pets. Dogs need exercise chasing the ball, walking, socializing with other pets keeps them healthy.


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Pet Walking/Sitting

There are many people looking for pet walkers and sitters today.  Dogs need to be taken out for walks.  Who do you go with?  Who can you trust?  Should you pay more money or less?  Pet sitting and walking services can add up.  It all depends how much and what you are looking for.  Pet Walkers and Sitters can go from as low as $10 hour and higher.  But who are you getting?  I had a pet walker charged quite a bit of money and stole from me.  Make sure you check references and insurances to make sure they are paying for insurance and are doing the right thing.  Not many are insured but they are good with animals also.  I also know others who want to just start up because they think it’s easy money.  Doesn’t work that way.  So a lot to think about on Pet walkers and Pet sitters.

Now you have the Pet walkers and sitters who are Trainers.  You pay more but you get a lot more in return.  Your dog is getting their walk your cats or other animals are being taken care of just like above but there’s training involved.  Whereas, the pet walkers let your dog pull and go where ever they want, trainers tend to teach you dog good leash manners to walk next to you but you would need to continue with the training to keep your baby walking next to you.  Food issues they can work with the pet and show you what they are doing so you can do it to correct that behavior problem.  Any issues with the dog you can get consultation from them.  Puppies would be great start where the trainer can get the training started so you can continue with the same training techniques.  You would research and see which trainers are certified.  Find a trainer that uses positive training.  Negative training with shock collars and choke collars can be used incorrectly where you can and most likely will harm your dog and then you have a whole set of new behavior problems that will take very long to correct and need to keep your pet isolated from triggers from attacking other pets or people.  If you want a negative trainer than they are out there.  But remember positive trainers won’t help with a dog that is dangerous after the fact.  I had someone who trained her dog to attack.  Negative training with punishment.  Whenever I go there the mastiff goes after me.  I can’t fix that in a positive way.  I had the dog to a certain point but to go in to walk her on my own I would be shredded to pieces.  I had to let them go.  They will need to go back to the person to modify that behavior which will never be good when they began and the issue will always be there.  Trainers tend to be a little more money or around the same pricing as Dog Walkers and sitters.

Something to consider and think about which best way will work for you and your beloved pet.

Taped muzzle on Lab

If people think it’s funny and a joke to do such things, it’s not cool.  I have nothing to say to such people anymore.  It will come back at you.  To many stressed and emotional people these days who don’t know how to balance themselves.  I can’t tell you how many people who think they are angels get sick or something bad happens in their life and they have the audacity to say why do bad things happen to good people and not bad people?  Really?  Maybe think about it for a minute.



Science diet is usually recalled constantly.  Here is the recall information.


Post op massage is not just for people also for pets.  Simple little techniques that people can do.  I will be posting videos of techniques to help your pets.


Banning ear cropping

There has been a petition to ban ear cropping. Now it’s moving to other states.


So they have cops that shoot dogs and also take dogs from people’s cars from being overheated in summer time and death yet…..



New recalls

More recalls




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