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Hope this person gets caught so he can meet Bubba his new boyfriend.  I would personally make this person eat his own hotdogs.  I promise I am not mean.  🙂



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All I have to say is cops need to train or something because if they are going to shoot at every dog because they are afraid of it I will be teaching my dog how to shoot a gun at any cop who pulls 1 out.  Lately to many trigger happy fingers on guns.  Not a good thing.  Like the way they say boxer charged at cop.  Dog could have loved people and run up to someone to kiss.  Anyway something should happen to those trigger happy cops who just shoot dogs.  If it was an attack dog it wouldn’t be left outside.




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Here is a link to the article.




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Sometimes there are good people who start up good foundations and it helps many, especially in the economical times we are in.  Here are different places you can check out and get help.



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Pharmaceutical really?  I’m not going to write what I was thinking.  There has been a petition going around to keep pharma companies away from pet stuff.  I think I posted one up a couple of months ago.  Now they are petitioning again.  Anyway here is the list of recalls.  I want to also give my condolences to those who have lost their pets do to food recalls and now pharmaceutical medications.





Human and Pets recall



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Seems like Colorado inspection is batting 100%.


2015 FDA recalls.  Check out their information and see how many pets died before it had gotten pulled.  FDA adds deaths of animals.



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I have posted some things on collars but let me touch up.  If you’re not going to use choke collars appropriately don’t use them at all.  It’s not to abuse an animal.  If the pet runs away from and listens to a stranger and hides behind that stranger  it’s because the dog doesn’t like you.  If it shakes to death and tail is underneath the dog is terrified not because the dog knows it’s in trouble but because your abusing the dog especially when it’s done in front of me.  I can’t keep my mouth shut.  No one and I mean no one should be choking the shit out of a dog and pulling and twisting on its neck because your pissed off.  I actually had to get the guys hands off this pitbull from hurting her.  I don’t care if it’s not your dog.  You don’t abuse anything weaker than yourself.  I thank you for giving me your address because you will be watched now.  Let me get a baseball bat so I can hit you a couple of times to see how it feels.

So if people are not going to use them properly don’t let me see you abusing animals.  You won’t like me.  So choke collars are to walk dogs and help keep control of the more high energy dogs.  You pull and relax not choke them to death.  The prongs are also used inappropriately.  It’s too loose or to tight.  It’s not used for every dog.  It’s for training purposes so they don’t pull when your training your dog to walk by your side.  You can do major damage to the dog.

Shock collars.  Well here is an article on this one also.  I had posted an article on the prong collars this one is on shock collars.


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