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There are many people looking for pet walkers and sitters today.  Dogs need to be taken out for walks.  Who do you go with?  Who can you trust?  Should you pay more money or less?  Pet sitting and walking services can add up.  It all depends how much and what you are looking for.  Pet Walkers and Sitters can go from as low as $10 hour and higher.  But who are you getting?  I had a pet walker charged quite a bit of money and stole from me.  Make sure you check references and insurances to make sure they are paying for insurance and are doing the right thing.  Not many are insured but they are good with animals also.  I also know others who want to just start up because they think it’s easy money.  Doesn’t work that way.  So a lot to think about on Pet walkers and Pet sitters.

Now you have the Pet walkers and sitters who are Trainers.  You pay more but you get a lot more in return.  Your dog is getting their walk your cats or other animals are being taken care of just like above but there’s training involved.  Whereas, the pet walkers let your dog pull and go where ever they want, trainers tend to teach you dog good leash manners to walk next to you but you would need to continue with the training to keep your baby walking next to you.  Food issues they can work with the pet and show you what they are doing so you can do it to correct that behavior problem.  Any issues with the dog you can get consultation from them.  Puppies would be great start where the trainer can get the training started so you can continue with the same training techniques.  You would research and see which trainers are certified.  Find a trainer that uses positive training.  Negative training with shock collars and choke collars can be used incorrectly where you can and most likely will harm your dog and then you have a whole set of new behavior problems that will take very long to correct and need to keep your pet isolated from triggers from attacking other pets or people.  If you want a negative trainer than they are out there.  But remember positive trainers won’t help with a dog that is dangerous after the fact.  I had someone who trained her dog to attack.  Negative training with punishment.  Whenever I go there the mastiff goes after me.  I can’t fix that in a positive way.  I had the dog to a certain point but to go in to walk her on my own I would be shredded to pieces.  I had to let them go.  They will need to go back to the person to modify that behavior which will never be good when they began and the issue will always be there.  Trainers tend to be a little more money or around the same pricing as Dog Walkers and sitters.

Something to consider and think about which best way will work for you and your beloved pet.


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If your boarding your pet ask questions.  Ask other pet owners what they think about the place.  Leave your pet and do surprise visits to check up on what’s going on, what they are doing etc.  Also find out when feeding times are to make sure they are only supplying what you have brought in and nothing else is added to your pets food.

Ask questions:

Can I see your facility?

If they do not let you in to see their facility there is a reason why.  It is not a place you want your pet to stay at.

Do you supply food? What do you feed the pets?  Do you add any supplements or any other type of food with what you feed the pet?  Can I bring in my own pet food?

Would you contact me if something is wrong with my pet?

Always read the contract that you are signing.  In PA if your dog gets sick, escapes, or dies they are not responsible for any of it.  So the canned food that is over a year old, which is fed to your pet can get your dog very sick or affect your dog within a week or so they are not responsible for it.  If your dog gets injured or killed by another dog they are not responsible.  It is important to read what you sign.

In NJ there is an upscale Dog Daycare, training facility and boarding place.  I have seen sick dogs being brought in and allowed to play with other dogs and when I came in the next day to work every dog that was being boarded at the facility was really sick and or just had diarrhea.  Not good.  I had never brought my dog to that place.

I would not board my dog at a veterinary facility.  Your pet does not get the attention or care it needs.  We are too busy and a lot of facilities are closed on the weekend.  A veterinary technician will come in twice to feed and take your pet out to go to the bathroom.  You need to ask yourself how would I feel if I was cooped up in a room all day long for a week.

Daycare at a veterinary facility never do that.  You are paying for a service that doesn’t happen.  Like I mentioned above in a Veterinary clinic you have everyone busy taking care of patients and or in surgeries all day long.  There is no time to have someone watch playtime.

Take your pet to a real daycare where they are watched constantly.  The places that you can trust are the places who have internet access to watch your pet.  That way you can make sure your pet is being treated good and watched to make sure no harm happens.

Sometimes your pet may be aggressive or start a fight.  Not all pets like each other so they may be yelled at to stop a fight from happening.  They are like people their are just some people you might meet and just dislike on the spot and their is no reason for it.  It just happens.  Dogs are the same.  It is okay to have your pet yelled at to stop some bad behavior but always make sure they are not abused by being hit.  Most places with video surveillance are trained and respected places you can trust.

I will list of places I have met people and really trust.  I will also list places that some employees are not great but you can watch your pet and make sure that they don’t bang your pets head into a wall while taking them out to go to the bathroom.  I have seen that at a place I take my dog to.  They have also put on the collar very tight around her neck when she was a baby and she couldn’t breath and I was wondering why she was crying.  When I calmed down the next day I said something.  I really tried not to hit someone.

I can understand getting frustrated around barking dogs all day long.  That is when you take a breather and walk away for a few minutes to get back into a good place.  I had taken her to be groomed also and someone cut my dogs neck with the scissors.  They were new groomers.  I made sure that she had a professional from then on and not practicing groomers.  Overall they are okay and I trust them to make sure nothing bad happens to my dog again.

I will also mention one of the best facilities that I have visited and met with an incredible trainer.  She uses Ceaser Millan techniques and will not hire anyone who does not have calm energy working with the dogs.  I will rate this facility over 100%.  Unfortunately it is located in PA.  I would like to see one here in NJ and maybe I might open one myself in the future.  I recommend visiting this place if you live close to Pennsylvania only to see how incredible this place is and to visit this owner who is a positive training professional.  You will meet her dog she had trained from attacking people and dogs to playing with dogs and walking with people.  If I am correct it was her Rottweiler she has.

Their is also a really good place in Canada owned by this couple who not only rescues dogs, which was not their intention to do but boards your pet and plays with them and has dogs who they feel will get along play with each other.  I trust them 100% also with my dog.  I have boarded my dog their twice when I had to do a trip when I was visiting Canada.

You should really know all you can about where you board your pet.

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I have worked for a kennel in Pennsylvania which I will not name.  When I interviewed for my position I was told how they were into organic foods, they use natural products, they love dogs, etc.  I was told many things including after 3 months I would be paid $400 a week.  I was invited to a Thanksgiving dinner and was asked my nationality.   By the way it is against the law for an employer to ask that in any state that you work in.  I told them I was Portuguese.  After that I was talked down to in a degrading manner, harassed with nonsense that had nothing to do with what I was hired for.

I was also spoken down to in such a manner that I was asked if I spoke English and if I understood it.  I was spoken to about not doing my job and they gave me a list of things I had to do.  Gardening?  I have never gardened in my life.  If this was part of my job in my interview they would have told me and know that I have no clue about gardening  just like I told them I do not know how to do grooming.  They put this powder stuff in the pets food without the knowledge of the owners and I wouldn’t do it.  They told me I was not allowed to show them or tell them anything.  They call it a probiotic.  It is not even close.  The product does not even say that it is a probiotic because it would be misrepresenting what it is not.  It is a grain for farm animals for digestion.   It’s a by- product grain and other bad stuff in it.  They also put canned food for all the dogs.  Some cans are over a year old.  You know the chemicals and harm that can do to a pet?  I also refuse to do that.



This has been posted after I left because I refused to do it and harm animals.  Fasttrack is not a probiotic.  Not only is it not mentioned on the bag itself it is not for dogs.  It tells you it’s for horses, sheep, pigs, and other farm animals.  It is by product grains and other ingredients that will cause problems in your pets digestive system.  I had an employee who did not listen to me and gave it to a dog we had boarded and the owners absolutely did not want it in their pets food.  She was constipated for 2 days.  She also recently developed allergies.  I would not be surprised if it was from this product.  Also the canned food some of it is over the sell by date.  Does anyone know what happens to canned food especially past the sell by date?  Here’s a little homework.  Look it up.  Also the food that they are being fed is by companies that their food is always recalled.

The worse is when we had a virus that hit every dog including mine.  My dog almost died.  There were 2 other dogs that ended up in the hospital besides mine.  The customer I spoke to had the same problem with her female dog.  I was told by 2 vet doctors that it was a secondary infection from a virus.  My dog bled out so much that they had to give her a transfusion and let her blood build up again.  I was told that I was ruining the business because the lady I spoke to would not come back after her 2 dogs were hospitalized.  I had such a hard time about it I ended up calling this lady up which I consider a friend.  The employer told me that she was told that the lady’s dog was hospitalized because she ate a ball and it was stuck and that this lady didn’t even like me or know me and she only spoke to me for the first time when they were all giving her dog a bath.  I knew then that the owners friend was lying to me and I can even imagine what she was telling this customer who I considered a friend.  We used to talk all the time.  Now she keeps her distance.

I was not allowed to shut down to sterilize the kennel and I was told to say that the dogs were stressed.  I will not lie and told them I will not lie to these customers.  I am a Veterinary Technician/Assistant I think I know the difference between sick dogs and stress.  The dogs who have the virus came in again and I did not let them out and blocked their runs so the virus would not spread.   It really bothered me to do that since I don’t like to see dogs caged up for days but I could not risk dogs getting hospitalized again.

Then I was taken in for another talking with more nonsense and I love it when people make stuff up.  I was told I had voices in my head like another Kennel Manager that used to work there also.  Always amazes me how someone sees such things and would know that I had voices in my head.  The one employer who is business partners and friend of the owner is bad mouthing me on facebook saying that I have voices in my head and mission accomplished the new manager starts April 1st.  She has also told other employees that I was stupid.  I don’t retaliate because it is not worth my time and energy.  I believe when you do something bad to someone it comes back at you 10X worse.  I only want good things to happen in my life.

They have cameras everywhere, outside, inside name it it’s there.  Think they might be paranoid?  I am the one with voices in my head.  🙂   I have taped several conversations of being abused and spoken down to in such a degrading voice.

Let me tell you something.  If anyone wants to work in a kennel or any job make sure you interview past and present Kennel Managers and employees to see how the place really is.  Do research on the place talk to customers etc.  You have a right to interview the employers and anyone else you wish to.

Also what I mentioned above is a lawsuit.   Never ever let anyone abuse you in such a way.  I am not from Pennsylvania I am from NJ and never in my life of 43 years have I ever in any way been treated like that.

Questions you can ask:

What do you like about your job?  What do you dislike?

How long have you worked here?

If you find out any job does not matter if it is a corporation, kennel, hospital, etc has a big turnover that means something is wrong with the place and management.  That is what you are trying to find out.


I went on 2 job interviews asking the questions above this is what I have gotten  1 place the manager was there for 6 years, the other employees were there for many years.  There are always dislikes at jobs.  The only reason why they were hiring is that someone had gotten into veterinary school.  Not a big turnover.  Everyone gets along and it’s run exceptionally well

The 2nd job the manager left twice and she deals with a lot of  hr issues on harassment.  A lot of petty cat fights between the women who PMS.  They go through many employees and the doctors fight in front of customers and don’t agree on issues (they are married).  This job bad management not somewhere you want to work.  If it is to get your foot in the door to get experience, you can do that but make sure you find something else while getting experience at the same time.  The job won’t last.

Just be careful where you choose to work.  There are good kennels that I have been at.  I prefer a daycare if I am going to board my dog.  Which I have in the past.  It is more expensive but they are well taken care of and they get play time with other dogs.  In a kennel they are pretty much cooped up in their kennel all day except for feeding and cleaning time.  I let them out much more but I have gotten in trouble for that also, being told I was doing it on my time and it was not part of their time.  I was upset at first but after that I pretty much tried to hide in the apartment upstairs which is hard to do when your still on the property.  So I started to just leave and not come back till I had to work.  I don’t need drama.  I like my peace and quiet time to meditate, write my book and just live a happy peaceful life like I had before coming here.

I have to say I did learn many things and I believe there is a reason why people meet each other it’s to learn lessons in life of what to never ever do again.  LOL  Seriously though I have learned to stand up for myself and to get rid of my fear to speak out.  No one in any job should be treated badly.

When boarding ask questions.  Make sure they don’t lie.

Ask if they put anything in your pets food besides what you bring in for your pet to eat.

Be adamant that you want absolutely nothing even supplements or probiotics added to your pets food

Check out the kennel find out if there were any viruses.

Make sure the employees are good with the dogs.  I have gone to a daycare where one of the owners was fed up with dogs that she was taking them for a walk and smashed one of the dogs heads into the door frame.  I just looked at her and she apologized.  Don’t apologize to me.  So always do visit checks etc just to make sure its where you want your dog to be.  Day cares now have cameras where you can see your dogs at play, sleep, eat anytime online.  Wherever you are.  That is where you most likely want to go.  You will know how your pet is treated at all times.

I did find one fantastic place in PA.  It is called Leader of the Pack in Allentown, PA.  Not only does she train, the owner won 1st place for dog daycare in her first year opened.  They also have treadmills for dogs who have excess energy and play time.

Godfrey’s in PA has a pet food store with better quality foods and has a dog park which is not expensive.  You can come with neighbors and their dogs to let them play.  Or you can come with your dog to exercise your pet for a low fee.  They also have training.

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