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Science diet is usually recalled constantly.  Here is the recall information.



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Seems like Colorado inspection is batting 100%.


2015 FDA recalls.  Check out their information and see how many pets died before it had gotten pulled.  FDA adds deaths of animals.



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As much as I talk about food.  I talk about organic all the time.  Why would you spend lots of money on raw diet for a pet when organic is close to the same pricing.  Then again people eat the same poisoned food why many people are dying from Salmonella and e coli from the foods they eat also not adding in the diseases that are on the rise.  I see a lot of diverticulitis and stomach disease on the rise also.



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Here are more pet deaths and bad food choices. I want to say sorry to those who have lost their pets due to pet foods.  It is expensive sometimes for good quality foods but it is worth it if you think your pet is worth it.  Make your own pet foods with real food.  Cook a weeks or a months worth and freeze it.  Take it out to defrost.

Here are recent recalls







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I am very careful of what I buy.  many people will just get any raw diet for their pets or use the foods they buy.  I don’t think people realize the danger in GMO’s in their foods.  yes there are people who say it hasn’t harmed anyone this or that.  Find out the facts go straight to Monsanto’s site.  Sounds all nice and pleasant but read the ingredients on their site.  They tell you what is put into their products which is pesticides that have been banned in almost every country.  Not only is he kicked out of France, Italy and other countries we are the one of the few who they allow in.   http://www.monsanto.com/pages/default.aspx

This is who is killing people with new diseases, killing your pets with bad foods also pet companies do add dead dogs and cats to their food they make for your pets.  It’s why I talk about organic a lot.  In supermarkets your going to pay insane prices but there are small farmers around many people who actually do organic and won’t use chemicals.  Grass fed etc.  I buy my beef from a farmer in PA and get a quarter of a cow.  Now doesn’t sound like much but it fills up my freezer.  You might need to if you have smaller freezers.  It lasts me close to a year.  It’s what I eat and I feed my pets.  I also buy raw diet when I don’t have time to make it from a veterinary doctor who I know uses organic foods he will eat it raw right in front of you.  You can’t get sick from something grass-fed and pure.

What I mean by that is farmers are now run by bigger companies stealing their farms.  People have no clue what goes on.  They put a hole in the cow’s stomach and feed it corn because they grow bigger and faster.  Now the hole in the cow’s stomach is causing all kinds of diseases like Salmonella.  Why people are also getting it and dying from it.  Organic is nothing more than grass-fed, no synthetic fertilizer (that crap that smells like vinegar some say chemicals that people put around their trees which created my asthma and puts me in a hospital if it’s all over the place.)  no antibiotics or hormones.  Chickens and cows eat off the land.  oyster shells are used to feed the chickens for calcium.  Now I will put you to a test.  I want you to see the difference.  Most people get their eggs at a supermarket.  Find a farm that is organic and buy eggs.  The yolks are an orange dark yellow color and they taste so good and are healthier for you.  Not only do you pay less than a store you’re getting better quality foods.  My beef I spoke about I pay about $435.  8 months to a year worth of beef is worth buying from a small farmer.  You pay more every week you go into the store and putting poison into your mouths.  Some food for thought.


Here is the article anyone using this raw diet contact the email listed in the article


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I don’t know how many posts I had mentioned that when food gets recalled, it’s only recalled when there are several hundred to 1000 pets that die from shitty foods.  Finally Purina screwed themselves by going after Blue which now brought to light many wrong doings on their own food and might help people to finally win a lawsuit for killing their pets.  In the pet industry this is a big problem and I think the companies should be accountable for their bad quality of keeping facilities cleaned and what they put in the pet foods.  I did mention that they were 1 of the companies taking dead pets out of veterinary clinics dumpsters?  I think I wrote a post on that also.  That is what your also feeding your pets.  Purina isn’t the only company.  If your pet doesn’t want to eat the food there is something wrong with it.  Trust your pet.  There are many other recalls.  Recalls are not made with natural foods or organic foods.  If that is listed on the labeling you know that is a lie.  Most labeling even on our own foods are lies.  Know your foods and where they come from which is very easy to find out.

I am sure we will hear other things from Blue Buffalo foods also.  When your put in the spotlight things do come out.  Even their pet nutritionists in stores are starting to show better foods for pet owners and they stopped feeding blue to their own pets.  Interesting how you believe what your told without doing research.  I worked for Purina but I made people aware of what goes on with foods and showed them the better one that has not been recalled ever.  Yet.  We will wait and see.  Just cook food for your pets it’s the healthiest and if it’s too much to buy vegetables go to your vet to get RX minerals and buy grizzly fish oil for dogs or cats safe, healthy and your adding vitamins and minerals into the food which is easier to do than cook everything.

Here is the link to the lawsuit against Nestle for Purina pet foods for killing pets.  Yes a chocolate company owns pet food.



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